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September 16th, 2004

10:55 am - re-post xanga post for my lj lovahs...
I fell down in the shower meng. Yeah, it was hot. Now my leg looks super sexy with this biggo bruise on it.

Yesterday when I was tuning Lyhn's guitar I was like, "I can't get this G-String where I want it!" I was talking about the musical note G, of course. But it sounded wrong. Aurora made sure to laugh and tell me how gross that sounded.

I also closed the door on the same leg I landed on in the shower today.

I'm not a Klutz.

Last night at work, Richard and Mike were talking about how much they hate Frankie and Nicole. Richard was like, "I hate stupid little girls! Man, first of all I hate ALL girls--" he stops mid sentence and stares at me. I stare back at him. He continues, "--but especially dumb lil high schooler girls." They were being dumb though. They kept making fun of his hair ... to his face. That's a major no-no when it comes to Richard. He EXTRA sensitive about his hair. And he gets all combative when you say something about it. He started yelling at Nicole and calling her the B word, saying she doesnt know s*** about s***. And then he started rippin on her hair and bringing up the fact that her boyfriend cheats on her. Haha, I was like, "Whoa! Chill out Richard," but my attempts to build peace fell upon deaf ears.

Rick (one of my managers) spazed out on me last night ... but he's a spaz in general. Anyways he got all crazy cuz I asked for change for a $5. What the heck man. Richard was like, "Dude, that guy tried to get like that on me before. I was like, 'Man, you need to go breathe in a paper bag and come back and talk to me after you've chilled out.'"

Holly wants me to start cocktailing with her. She says shes gonna suggest me to the managers... I dunno if I wanna do that meng ... Hrrmmm... Last night it was ridiculous in the bar. It was half off drinks and appetizers till closing and it was like a freaking club in there. It seemed like all the niggas of Lkwd and Long Beach came out tonight though. Laura and Eric were telling me about when the bar actually used to BE a club, with a dance floor and DJ to boot. Yeah, they said now that was REALLY crazy. Imagine if you will walking around with a tray trying to get drinks from the bar for your tables while a sea of people are dancing around you and loaded. They said they had to shut down our Black Angus club cuz someone pulled out a gun ... Haha, thats ghetto. I guess there is a ghetto of Lkwd.

Later Dayz.
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September 6th, 2004

01:52 pm - random update
the other night dira, rora, and i ate at my work.

when we got in, christine (one of the host) told us how richard how asked for their sissors and started cutting his hair. we thought this was hilarious, so we sat in richards section. when we were just about done eating dira asked him if he cuts his own hair. he pretended to be all confused and then admited that he sometimes trims it or whatever. then dira goes, "oh, cuz it looks alil uneven. it looks like a bowl cut." hahahahaha ... richard got so mad!!! he turned all red and was like, "wtf?! look at your hair!!!"

it was funny meng, rora and i were laughing so hard. i thought i would freaking piss my pants. it was sad though because then dira felt bad. she told me to tell him that she'll give him some weed if he stops being mad at her.

speaking of weed ... im such a square. i never thought i would see the day when i would feel alil embarassed for not being a pothead and drunkard ... but sometimes. i cant help it though! im a goody goody Christian virgin. so sue me. last night i gave jack (one of the bartenders) a ride home. and he was all like, "hey, do you smoke weed?"
me: "...no"
jack: "do ya drink?"
me: "...no"
haha, when he got in my car he saw my Bible sitting on my passenger side! what does he think?! But yeah, he was asking cuz he was gonna have a drunken kick back at his house, and was inviting me ... i guess that was nice of him. haha. tom was going to be there though ... for those of you who dont know, i have a biggo crush on thomas. although, i dont really understand why. hes really a jerk sometimes. he loves himself too much.

but yeah, im watching passions. haha whitney and chad are finding out that they be related. hahaha. losers. you've been sleeping with your half brother. freaks.

okay, bye. =D
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July 19th, 2004

08:56 am - not just any given saturday.
john mayer rocked my socks on saturday. =DDDDD
the concert was so amazing. i lost my voice from screaming. haha
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June 29th, 2004

11:56 pm - go conie, conie.
I love Conan Obrein. He's one funny mofo.

So here's an update for you loser who dont read my xanga.
Hmm... I drove on the freeway for the first time the other day. Haha, it was fun! My friend Cynthia was all scared though. She swear she was gonna die. Haha, sometimes I do drive like an idiot though. Its when I'm hyper. I need to stop doing that. I would feel horrible if I ever caused an accident and someone got hurt.

I'll probably become a waitress soon. It's about freaking time! I'm over being a host. DONE! It's time to start making them tips.

I dont think one of my managers at Black Angus likes me. Haha, I tease him too much. Its because hes a dork though! Hes got ADD or something. Oh and then today I accused him of smoking "sticky icky" Hahahaha. It was a joke, but hes a pseudo cop so I dont think he liked that joke too much. Oh well. Good thing my managers above him love me. ;D

I saw hella movies the first week of summer, I havent seen a new one in awhile though. Stupid Amelia saw Farhenhiet 9/11 w/o me. What a punk. That movie is on my must see list, so is Stepford Wives and Spiderman ... oh yeah, and Supersize Me.

Later Dayz
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April 20th, 2004

06:57 pm - hey, its yo mamas cousin!!!
hey guys. deej here. i only made this suck live journal so i can read the queen lesbian's (yadira) locked journal. j/k, j/k!!! love ya dira.

maybe i'll post sometime, i dunno. im a xanger for life

peas outside.
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